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Try Something New

My husband and I make a point of trying something new whenever we can. Food is a large part of our lifestyle – we both love good food and we are always trying to maintain a balance between healthy food and tasty food and of course, new kinds of food!I do my best in the […]

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Hair, What do do?

While I am enjoying my long hair again, very much, I am also itching for a change. I’m a Libra who likes change… IT HAPPENS! Husband doesn’t want me to shave my head – but I think he’s safe on that, as I’ve been there, done that and don’t really need to do that again! […]

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Since I was a very young girl, water has always been something that both drew me and scared me.I grew up near the ocean (two of them, actually) and almost every single day of my young life was spent swimming, surfing, paddling and playing in and around that icy cold water. I loved it – […]

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Starting with this

Got the fabric yesterday, some matching buttons, extra fabric to make a matching trim – just need some snaps and I am off!My first example piece – made to MY measurements! It’s going to ROCK! UPDATE: I got snaps! Woo! So now to find a space somewhere that I can fold out the patterns, trace […]

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And suddenly I was all done

I sat down this morning, after a 4 day weekend (in honour of military veterans) at my computer, loaded up my school software, scrolled down to my next module and got going.An hour and a half later… I have finished my school work. Completely! No more modules. No more chapters, or sections. No more review […]

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Whirling Dervish

Every now and then I wake up to find my brain spinning and hurtling in circles and I feel lightheaded and nauseas and weak and pathetic. Vertigo, or an inner ear imbalance causes great mayhem to my head and body.I don’t know what triggers it, and I don’t really know why it goes away either. […]

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So Many Exceptions

Something I noticed a great many years ago, is there are always exceptions to a rule.In languages, English is the worst when it comes to the exception. Most other languages are very straight forward and the rules apply 99% of the time. Not English, however. sometimes you wonder why they MADE a rule when most […]

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