The Me Bit

I share my life with my amazing and interesting husband, my two Bernese Mountain Dogs, my Romanian mixed breed, two Budgies called Commidus and Brutus, and wild birds, bugs and reptiles.

I have awesome dogs.
Gina, Odin and Azzie.

I’m a vintage inspired seamstress, prolific photographer and music lover from decades gone by.

I love plants, herbs, flowers, trees and the outdoors in general. I’m kind to bugs, rodents, and anything living, really. I’m a staunch animal lover, nature lover, moon lover and traditional witch. 

I run, I walk dogs, I try and do yoga and I meditate when my mind gets crazy – which is often!

I love books, on just about everything, and I read a lot. I write too when inspiration strikes. I love history and 20151113_143854mythology and autobiographies of interesting and misunderstood or unnoticed people. I love languages – I speak a few, understand a few more and I’m learning a little bit more every day, of a wide variety of them. I’m a grammar and spelling pedant.
I’m tattooed, pierced and a former IT geek chick – I’m slowly getting my geek groove back, but I was far behind and it’s taking a little while to catch up to the Now. I have plans for me, though. Serious plans.

I’m proudly South African – you can take the woman out of Africa, but not Africa out of the woman. I miss home, constantly. It’s in your blood and you can never really shake it, and I don’t want 20151112_171737to. While I love the country, I do NOT love the current government and their corrupt and disgusting decisions about finance and humanity. I hate bullies, and that’s what the current government seems to be, to me.

I’ve lived in a few countries, visited others and long for Europe again, now that we live in the USA. Yes, the conveniences are great (and there are a lot of them) but the cons of living here sometimes loom quite largely. It looks shiny and clean and first world on the outside, but when you’re living it daily it’s a whole different story.

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