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Tag: writing

I Have Plans For The New Year

I Have Plans For The New Year!     I don’t have resolutions, but I definitely have plans, and maybe a few goals too. Resolutions are for people who don’t really want to expend too much effort, because they know that resolutions made for new year are not normally expected to be kept beyond February, March […]

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Snippet 16

“You don’t need to know everything, do you?” she asked coyly, crossing her legs and sitting back in the big soft armchair. That smirk of hers was well known now. She was on the cover of every tabloid magazine and a lot of men’s magazines as well – those that wanted the publicity. Jacqui tried […]

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Dame Mix-a-Lot

Nothing to do with big butts, promise. Mine is being carefully kept in check by energetic walking and playing with my dogs, 3 times a day, and a run every second day. I’m also going to get back into my yoga… might have to do it in a separate room, of course, because according to […]

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I Write Like…

OOOH! James Joyce? Really? That’s so cool 🙂   I pasted the prologue from my (as yet unfinished) novel called “Lima’s War” into I Write Like‘s analyser… and that’s what it told me… Give it a shot! I write likeJames Joyce I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

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snippet 15

Like a knife being slid slowly down her throat, right down her chest. Straight into her heart. That was the grief she felt. Like slivers of razors running through her veins. Throbbing with her pulse. His blue eyes. So pale they looked like clouded sky. No glow now. No sparkle. His hands, covered in blood […]

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snippet 14

PFC Jacqui Winston was by no means a _smart_ woman. She followed orders, to the letter, because she trusted that her CO knew what he was talking about. Her loyalty and unquestioning obedience was already legend. Her squad knew it, the platoon knew it. You told “Jumping Jac” to get something done, she did it […]

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snippet 13

She awoke with a jerk of all her muscles. The back of her head banged against metal and her right leg cramped so hard she groaned in pain. “What the hell?” she whispered. It was so dark that she felt her face to see if she had a blindfold on, because she knew her eyes […]

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snippet 12

It occurred to her suddenly, out of the blue, that she really was in deep trouble. She hadn’t really worried before. Now, she was feeling something she had been avoiding since she was a youngster. Fear. Panic. Oh, and rage of course. But she knew rage very well, as it was a pretty constant emotion […]

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snippet 11

Her pain sits there on her shoulders. Like a putrescent, bloated thing. Weighing her down, making it difficult to lift her head. I can see it. Her work area is sparse and uncluttered and neat. Her work is frantic and chaotic but it works. It always works. I can see the top of her brunette […]

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snippet 10

“This is Georgina. She will be be joining you on the tactical training today. Make her welcome.” Sarge stood next to a young woman in civvies. He had an unreadable expression on his face. All business today. He left the room. Stepman of course leapt up from his chair and shoved his hand out at […]

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