And suddenly I was all done

I sat down this morning, after a 4 day weekend (in honour of military veterans) at my computer, loaded up my school software, scrolled down to my next module and got going.An hour and a half later… I have finished my school work. Completely! No more modules. No more chapters, or sections. No more review quizzes.I am definitely going to go over it all again, obviously, with a colourful marker and some fresh note paper to do scribbling calculations for RX and compounding and ratios and proportions and all that fun stuff… but generally… I AM DONE!It’s taken me 11 months, to the day, to complete this. Pauses for many things like travel and sickness and moving and things like that, have added months to my work time. I could have (should have?) completed it in 6 months. But I am proud of myself anyway – I still have 2 months left to run through modules if I so choose.

Everything else, I have made copious notes and I have my books, and my husband’s books too (since he’s in the medical field as well) and now I can turn my focus on the test exams and examples and all that fun stuff.Then of course comes the task of trying to find a place to sit and write my exams. I think there are 2 of them – no exam for the M$ Office stuff, I don’t think.But right now… I am just sitting here, basking in the glow of actually Finishing.

*pats self on back*

Well done, me.