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Tag: seamstress

I Have Plans For The New Year

I Have Plans For The New Year!     I don’t have resolutions, but I definitely have plans, and maybe a few goals too. Resolutions are for people who don’t really want to expend too much effort, because they know that resolutions made for new year are not normally expected to be kept beyond February, March […]

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Mohawks, robots, suits, hairy dogs and country roads.

Thought I’d do an update post as I’ve done lots in the last few weeks. Firstly – I shaved myself a Mohawk  Why? Because I can. It’s hair, it grows back – and mine grows like a weed 🙂 Plus I thought it would look cool with the blond ends and dark roots… Here’s the process: […]

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Pattern cutting

Everything traced, now to cut out pieces, measure and then cut fabric. It’s backbreaking stuff, erg.

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Starting the suit project

Tools of the trade! Starting to trace pieces, as I have her measurements. Should be all ready to go by the time her fabric arrives.

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Complications and frustrations

There I was, soaring high on the new project that came in from another potentially long term client – the gorgeous 1940’s inspired suit  – when, unfortunately, my little feathery self hit a wall. This wall is partly because of where we are stationed (and the fact that we are military) and some strange issue […]

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Another project to come…

Another client contacted me asking me to make this beautiful vintage suit for her. No skirt though, just the pants, blouse and jacket. Sent her some colour and fabric swatch ideas and waiting on her choices. Very excited!

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Yay! So excited!

Just got off Skype with my awesome potential BIG client! So excited to get started on her garments! She is also offering the chance to “market” my work where she lives as well!  

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