Time for another update

Time for another update I thought it was well passed time for another update, as things have happened, and changed and other things are still ticking along. Dogs are doing well – I’ve now taken all of them to St Francis Animal Hospital at one point or another in the last few weeks and I have […]

A gorgeous morning walk and a little Odin update

A gorgeous morning – still cool enough that the dogs could enjoy themselves, but the sun was out and it warmed up slowly. By the time we got back to the car, it was starting to get quite warm, so we were just in time. We discovered a NEW section of the Bahrenbach Pfad! (The […]

Day Eleven and the Gang’s All Here

Last night my husband finally returned home after just on 5 months away. I really wish I’d thought of recording his home-coming welcome with the dogs because it was eye-watering sweetness 🙂 Azzie and Gina went completely berserk with happiness and Odin was beside himself with joy 🙂 I’ve never seen him wag his tail […]

counting down and a lovely morning walk

When you spend so much time on your own, you tend to lose track of the days, dates and holidays. Apparently today is a holiday. “Good Friday” Which means everything German is closed and pretty much everything American too. I was going to go to Ramstein to buy some much needed things for Odin’s arrival, […]