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Tag: changes

Body, eat thyself

I have been intermittent fasting for a few years now, off and on. I would fall off the wagon, gain weight, and get back on for a while. I tried, with reasonable success, to be strict, but I have to admit I would slack off a bit – I blame my husband! – and when […]

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just saying

My dogs are awesome. The dynamic we have is awesome. Yes, we butt heads (especially Azzie and I) but it’s getting much better, after my conversation with my friend Nicole (dog behaviourist) about how I’m not going to change Azzie, just have to learn to work with her in a way that works for all […]

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I’ve read some things

I’ve read a couple of interesting articles the last couple of days. One was about removing the Big Three from tech life (Microsoft, Google and Apple) I started on that process quite a few months ago. Switched to Linux, closed my Facebook account, and I don’t own any Apple products, so that’s fine. I also […]

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Clean slate, fresh start.

Due to some technical issues, I have unfortunately kinda “lost” my old posts and media. My techno-whiz friend Vanessa (of The Vanessa Macleod Creative Agency ) has done what she can to save my archives (all the way back to 2006!) and they will be available as she gets the chance to import them. But for […]

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