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Moving back

My husband should, in theory, be coming home soon. For the last 5 months or so I’ve been sitting on the couch (bad bad, I know) with my laptop on the coffee table, while watching my tv shows (or playing my games) on the big screen using the gaming PC. It’s a fun way to multi-task, I have to admit. Everything in one place, no going back and forth.
But, since my husband will be coming back, I am (rightly) assuming he will return to his spot on the couch to catch up on all his games that he’s been missing out on! All his online gaming buddies will be missing him, I’m sure, and he will be very out of practice! Which means I need to get my stuff and go back to my desk. It’s a nice desk, and a comfortable chair but the convenience and, yes yes, the LAZINESS of sitting on the couch cannot be over stated 🙂

But it will be good to get back to my desk – means I will be more focused on what I need to do. I will be starting on my next Linux/coding/security courses very soon, as I am almost done with my Linux refresher course. I zip through it, because I do remember quite a bit of it, but it’s really helping me remember all the little tips and tricks I used to know and use without even thinking about it, way back when I was a tech-girl.