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crate and car updates

Husband got back to me and let me know that Odin is on his way (he flies out tomorrow afternoon, but he is at the facility now – husband says he is full of happiness and energy and was very excited to get in the car and go for a ride)
He also told me that the crate is ours and gave me the dimensions so I can see if it will even FIT in Helga (the BMW) or not.
I will have to do some measuring tomorrow morning. If not, then it will have to be in Naartjie (my little orange car)
Also – not even sure if Helga will be able to go anyway. I borrowed the jump starter from my neighbour and thought I would do a test run to see how it worked… it’s a good thing I am so paranoid, because Helga’s battery is SO DEAD that the little jumper couldn’t do a thing for her. So my very kind neighbour is now charging up the battery on his special “trickle down” charger. Here’s hoping it works tomorrow! If not, this measuring thing is moot anyway :/
I can take the crate apart, but it might not fit into the boot (or “trunk” as my American friends call it) or fit through the opening in the back door either.


countdown… just 22 hours until we go get him. I’m nervous, but also excited.
It was a bittersweet evening walk with my girls – this is the last walk where it will just be “us” – me and Gigi and Az. As I’ve said before: I am thrilled he is joining us, happy to give him a home like ours (because I know we are a great home for a dog – sounds braggy to say it, but I mean it from a home/heart point of view, not a “we are so totally awesome and perfect” kind of thing) and get him off the streets and let him have a good life with us for the rest of his life.