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The moon, the moon, the moon…

As much as I don’t want to believe that, as a woman, I am affected by the moon – I cannot deny how utterly loony I get when the moon is full. Seriously.

I become short-tempered and emotional and then the next moment, numb and depressed and sullen. I am clumsy (clumsier than usual) and I feel like a hundred tons of brick on little stick legs (even though I know they are not, and I weigh pretty much the same as usual) and no, I can’t blame it on PMS either. It happens when the moon is full, every time.

Do men feel any twist and pull from the moon when it’s full? Is their inner “tide” affected at all?

Arb and TMI, I know, but I’ve just had a crazy rollercoaster day and it’s not even 3pm.

I just needed to get it down before I lost my marbles.



The Moon photographed by P-M Heden of Vallentuna, Sweden.