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Another interesting article

Saw this article on reddit and thought I would share it.

Alzheimer’s is a nasty disease/condition. It would terrify me if I was diagnosed with it, or if someone I loved was. I don’t _think_ anyone in my extended family has ever been diagnosed, but you never know – it could go undiagnosed or simply get called “dementia” instead. Dementia is not a “normal” condition of aging. It’s quite sad that it seems to be accepted as that.


Anyway – here’s a small excerpt from it:


For years, Alzheimer’s disease had been conflated with ageing; that decline in an individual’s memory and mental acuity must happen to us all. However, though minor change to mental function is indeed inevitable, changes that disrupt daily life are not. This is an important distinction to make, as it underscores that dementia ought not be accepted; rather, developing effective treatments is imperative . Unfortunately, the drive for Alzheimer’s treatment has yet to yield any success; something that we have been reminded of with the recent death of Terry Pratchett, a national treasure diagnosed with the disease in 2007, who recently died due to lack of appropriate treatment.