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Category: photography

Day Ten of the adventure

This morning we decided to head across the busy road this time, to our favourite long farm walk. Gina, Azzie and Odin had a zoomie session on the one plowed area and then I popped Odin back on his lead as he then spotted something in the grass and had a think about chasing it […]

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Some photos from this morning’s walk in the wald

Here you go – a few shots from this morning’s walk. As I said, Odin stayed on his lead for 99% of it, as he was a bit nervous when off  – new places take him a little while to get comfortable in. He’s doing very well though.

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Day Nine and more adventures

Day Nine of the Gina, Azzie and Odin adventure! It was warm, but not too bad this morning (cooler than yesterday) so I decided to take the dogs for Odin’s first walk in the Wald 🙂 We headed out from the parking lot up near the Blick and headed off on one of the slightly […]

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Day Six

Another day in the Gina, Azzie and Odin adventure 🙂 Last night went well – out of his crate but very well behaved once again! He DESPERATELY wants to come jump on the bed with the girls – but only really after breakfast… I’m still trying to decide if I should let him up or […]

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Day Five

And it’s Sunday! Which means it’s Day Five in the Gina, Azzie and Odin Adventure! And you know what? It’s going pretty well, all things considered. Still things we are working on, but better. Azzie is behaving much better with him, especially inside the apartment, and she no longer growls at him when he comes […]

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Day Three and the secret pond

It started out way too early. It was Odin’s final “test night” in the crate and he went in willingly enough, but around 3am he got very restless and I _think_ he was whining, but I don’t really know (my ears ring when the pressure changes and sometimes I can’t hear things at certain wavelengths […]

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I’m watching Crufts 2015

Don’t judge me. I watch it every year and every year I get all hyped up watching the agility and think “Azzie and Gina can do that!” Well, at least Azzie can. Gina likes to JUMP things, but not so keen on climbing things, so perhaps she could just do the jumping. But now that […]

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quietly growing up

I think Azzie is, very gently, very quietly, growing up… She’s nearly 3 years old, which is apparently when BMD’s reach their emotional maturity (it takes them a long time, compared to most breeds) and she’s recently been … different. She’s calmer in new situations, calmer with new people, gentler with children, more responsive to […]

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Early morning walks

I might as well start getting used to getting up early to walk the dogs, as it seems the weather is starting to slowly change and we’re heading into spring. The girls and I headed off for a lovely morning walk with our friend Ciara and her pooches, Django and Luca. We did a kind […]

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Step Away

So. I did it. 2 Days ago I finally pressed the “delete account” button for Facebook. Day 3 of Life Without Facebook and I have to say, I still have the habit of sitting down in front of my laptop in the morning and think of clicking the link to check my FB, but it’s […]

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