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Category: military

Day Ten of the adventure

This morning we decided to head across the busy road this time, to our favourite long farm walk. Gina, Azzie and Odin had a zoomie session on the one plowed area and then I popped Odin back on his lead as he then spotted something in the grass and had a think about chasing it […]

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Day Nine and more adventures

Day Nine of the Gina, Azzie and Odin adventure! It was warm, but not too bad this morning (cooler than yesterday) so I decided to take the dogs for Odin’s first walk in the Wald ๐Ÿ™‚ We headed out from the parking lot up near the Blick and headed off on one of the slightly […]

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Day Four

Moving on to another day in the Gina, Azzie and Odin Adventure… We made it through a night without him in his crate! Last night, as promised, I decided to just trust in him, and I let him stay out of his crate at bed time. He was very pleased with himself and he rolled […]

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Tick tock and flying solo

Today is Monday (it happens to be Easter Monday, which means everything is closed of course, but that’s ok because I got everything done that I needed to, yesterday) and it’s one day to go before the arrival of our wee boy, Odin. I’m waiting on information from my husband regarding Odin’s crate (is it […]

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sometimes I wonder about people

I’m all for sprucing up your home and hanging your photos etc, when your HG arrive and you’re all flushed with happiness and a feeling of “finally this is home…” But… at 20:30 at night? Really? You feel that hammering things into the wall in the late evening is “OK” ? Why couldn’t you do […]

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rain, rain and more rain

Last two days have been cold, very windy and POURING with rain. Makes walking the dogs a bit of a mission, but they’ve been great about it. Medium length walks in the morning and then short 20 minute walks during the day – just for a piddle, poop and sniff. Azzie does NOT like rain […]

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was sitting here and I realised what was different

The time! Today is the 29th! So now Germany is back on “normal” time – YAY! Seriously. There’s no point to DST anymore. They should scrap it. I wondered why I felt so unusually rested this morning – I got an extra hour of sleep (thanks to my dogs being so tired after yesterday’s long […]

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and then it all changes again

I think I’ve waxed on about this point many times in other posts – military life means that you NEVER EVER know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. My husband got news last night that his dream career in the army has COME THROUGH! Finally! The paperwork made it, at last, […]

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and did I mention

Those damn jets are SO BLOODY LOUD!!! They fly WAY TOO LOW! And they are so loud you can barely HEAR YOURSELF THINK! Seriously! Can’t they go fly somewhere NOT populated?! Geez!

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I saved a life

So on the way to the vet at lunch time, I heard a cat crying. I searched around and found that one of the Kitten Trio (the strays I feed. Betty’s babies) had fallen through the tiny windows into the locked storage room of one of the apartments. The tiny kitten couldn’t jump up high […]

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