Birthdays and memorials

Yesterday was Gina’s 12th birthday, and tomorrow is Odin’s 8th or 9th birthday, so we decided to celebrate both at the same time yesterday. They both got a little cake with a candle, and lots of freshly grilled steak. They were super stoked. This morning I took Odin for a “birthday” 2-mile walk. He is a happy, tired little Boog.

We will celebrate Azzie’s 9th birthday in April, with more cake, ice cream, and steak!

In memory of our sweet Hazel, and also to commemorate Gina’s 12th birthday (a HUGE milestone for a Bernese Mountain Dog) we planted our live “Christmas” tree. We called him Pepe the Pinon Pine. Long may he thrive and provide shelter to birds and shade to the humans and cats.

Strangely wonderful

I just finished watching a funny little movie called, “Space Sweepers.” I honestly did not think it was “my thing” but Netflix recommended it based on my other “thumbs up” selections, and it came 92% recommended for me.

I thought, why not, right? Open yourself up to new things. Seek out new knowledge. Break out of your comfort zone. I like to watch foreign movies or series – not always a huge fan of Korean/Chinese stuff, but I do try and give it a shot if it looks “different”, and this definitely looked different! – and I am so glad I clicked on this little peach!

TOTALLY WORTH IT! The cast, while mostly Korean, included people from pretty much every continent and a multitude of languages are spoken – all with excellent subtitles! – and the interaction reminds me of a big block-buster movie rather than a little independent film. I’ve actually seen some of these actors in other movies (including Richard Armitage, by the way!) and it was a delightful thing to see them in this movie.

I laughed. I cried (seriously… wait until you watch it – the characters are not 2-dimensional or “generic” in any way, even though you may THINK that when it first starts out) because I became so invested in the story and the characters. The science/scifi was realistic. The story was superb, with lots of twists and turns and unexpected plot points, and, unfortunately/fortunately, not too far off of an idea of what could happen if we keep things up. I won’t give any spoilers, because I REALLY REALLY want people to watch it.

If you get the chance, check it out, okay? So, thank you, Netflix, for opening me up to new possibilities! I will definitely check out the other recommendations! I’ll also be on the lookout for these actors in the future!

Midnight Faces

I had this weird idea a few moments ago, as I lay in bed at 01:45 am: A calendar called “Midnight Faces” which was 12 (and possibly more bonus images) “photos” of kids who had ignored or defied or just not believed the Rule that if you held a silly/ugly face when a clock struck 12 it would stay that way. I thought that hyperrealistic art style of the guy from “Things I have drawn” would work best. Kids like Gertrude Farnsworth. “You are always eight, Gertie. Except when you’re not.”

Or Alexander T. Wallap. “Yes, Lex, The Rule applies even with experimentation. Sorry, kid.”

Laurance Epple. “We push boundaries to learn, yes, but The Rule has strict boundaries that cannot be bent or folded or even bumped. ”

Perhaps some Lore about The Rule, and how to undo it? The history?

I will see if I can contact the artist, and see if he is interested. I don’t want money, just a little credit/internet nod in my direction.

Writing this down so it is seen that it was my idea. Patenting it, so to speak.