Early morning update Day Two

Morning all (or whoever reads this!)
Update after Odin’s second night here and onward to Day Two.
Once again he was very reluctant to go back in his crate at bed time – I think he’s just getting used to the whole freedom to stretch out and a nice comfy bed (not that his crate is uncomfortable: I have a VERY nice soft, but firm, bed in there for him. I would sleep on it if it was my size!) so after a long talk with him, and a treat test (I put it at the back of his crate) I explained that he only has ONE MORE NIGHT, after this one, to show me I can trust him not to foul up his crate, and thus, the house. Just one more. If he gets through the night tonight, without any accidents in his crate (like he did last night!) then I will see about letting him sleep out on Friday night. He was still not convinced, but I guided (I never force – the crate is not meant to be a punishment) him to the front of his crate and said “bed time” and he sighed and went in and curled up. Gave him his treat and told him he’s a SUPER GOOD BOY (he thumped his tail) and closed it up and we all went to bed.
I don’t think he was making a lot of noise – I think he was just rolling around trying to get comfortable – in the wee hours, but I’m a very light sleeper (and totally cued up now to hear anything regarding the dogs in general) so I woke up around 0600 (which used to be 0500, but that’s another story) and listened for a few minutes. The girls were out like lights on the bed so I knew it hadn’t been Azzie grumbling. I listened some more and heard a few tick tacks of his claws on the side of his crate (that’s how I know he was just trying to roll over and get comfy and stretch out) and so I decided, since I’m awake (and we have to get used to early rising again soon when my husband gets home) I will get up and take them all down.
Gina gave me a bleary eyed look when I put her collar on, but Azzie was keen to go out, so it was all good.
Took them down in order, of course – Azzie, Gina, and then Mr O.
All pooped, all excellent – I made a HUGE fuss of Odin again when he went and gave him his treat etc. It was much better (I gave him a sucralfate tablet last night – just a half one – to help with the upset tummy. Most likely too much food and it was a new food too, for him – nothing serious) so I was well pleased.
Then I took him back up, went down AGAIN to feed the stray cats (Betty is heavily preggers again :() and then this time Odin went back in his crate semi-willingly and we all went back to bed for a snooze.
Maybe tomorrow morning I will let him stay out after morning toilet time – just as a test to see how it goes – IF he gets through the night in his crate without accidents.

It’s a bright sunny day out there, temperature is rising (not going to be a scorcher or anything, but way warmer than we’ve been used to) and we’re heading out for our morning walk.

I will update again later with some photos from yesterday and today on the walk.