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Author: Harmoniouscrow

And suddenly I was all done

I sat down this morning, after a 4 day weekend (in honour of military veterans) at my computer, loaded up my school software, scrolled down to my next module and got going.An hour and a half later… I have finished my school work. Completely! No more modules. No more chapters, or sections. No more review […]

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Whirling Dervish

Every now and then I wake up to find my brain spinning and hurtling in circles and I feel lightheaded and nauseas and weak and pathetic. Vertigo, or an inner ear imbalance causes great mayhem to my head and body.I don’t know what triggers it, and I don’t really know why it goes away either. […]

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So Many Exceptions

Something I noticed a great many years ago, is there are always exceptions to a rule.In languages, English is the worst when it comes to the exception. Most other languages are very straight forward and the rules apply 99% of the time. Not English, however. sometimes you wonder why they MADE a rule when most […]

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