The Snippets

Snippets are the bane and the joy of my existence.

Snippets are a bit like scenes from a movie, or moments from a play, or bits of a novel that come to me at the strangest times with the strangest inspirations.

They can be funny, dramatic, sad, dark, enlightening and intriguing. They can be a paragraph, a sentence or 5 pages.

I’m a starter, when it comes to writing – I have these immense ideas floating around in my story ocean like icebergs, but I will only ever write down the tiny tip protruding from the dark blue waters.

So if someone else ever wants to use one of my “snippets” – just let me know and we can talk about it.

If you _need_ an idea for something (anything from mercenary stories to scifi romps to vampire myths to spy tales to teenage love triangles or the world through the eyes of a dog) I am brimming with them!

Talk to me! I would love nothing better than to see my “wordy” children go out into the world and grow and thrive!




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