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just like sweeties


Broadchurch” – I learned about it while watching the Graham Norton Show (I love that show – he’s a brilliant host and he gets his guests to open up without them even realising it) and I thought I’d give it a peek. From the first few minutes I was hooked. It’s like sweeties. Chocolate. You can’t have just one… I’m on to episode 2 and LOVING it. Gripping, different, twisty, lots of interesting side stories without being overwhelming and that’s just the FIRST EPISODE! Plus it’s English – so the characters are all strong and interesting and not necessarily “pretty” 🙂

It’s filmed really well, too. Almost photographic – lots of “moments”


Come on Arrow, find your own story

I think I mentioned at one point that I did start watching the series “Arrow” quite a while ago for the first time.

I did NOT like it. All I could think was “Batman RIPOFF!” the whole time I watched it. But a few months ago I started watching it again, just because I’d heard that it “gets better” by various sources and because I’d seen them linked (a cross show thing) through “The Flash” series. I like “The Flash” quite a lot. So I waded back in and surprisingly it _did_ get better, and I actually started to enjoy the show. Along comes season two… and I was still enjoying it, but starting to get a little … concerned with the way the story was going. Bringing in Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows, twisting the story around that idiot Malcolm Merlyn AND letting whatshisface… oh Slade, get free… AGAIN? I started getting a little annoyed.  But, I was still enjoying the show itself. I was glad when he could finally talk to his friend, and Roy came in, and Felicity is as cool as always – but I was saddened by the turn their relationship took.

And then along comes season three. *sigh* It just gets worse and worse. A spiral of terribly contrived twists and “he’s evil but we need him” and all sorts of stupid revenge for revenge for revenge.

Not sure I will keep watching it.