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Gathering the Goods

Things are getting “real” here in the Vee household!

Our RV is in the “queue” for the full check out “check-out”; we pick up our gorgeous old Jeep in a couple of weeks time; we’ve sold Erika. We were heartbroken; both of us near tears, but it had to be done. We will miss this little firecracker of a car. She was a pleasure to drive, and so fun.








We’ve got a buyer for Daisy (also heartbreaking, but we know the people who are buying her and we know they will take good care of her like we did, so it’s not as bad as saying goodbye to the little Smart) who is letting us hold on to her until we go get our Jeep and get it into perfect running order (just a couple of things need doing – she’s otherwise running fine); husband is counting down the days until his ETS leave begins… and then we’re going to go fetch our Winnie (not sure what we’re going to name her yet; we have to get to know her first) and start sifting through our belongings to decide what comes with, what gets stored and what gets sold or donated. So close now we can taste it! I will post photos of the Jeep and the RV as we get them, of course.


Azzie’s brace was adjusted and it came back today (This company is SUPER fast with shipping and help! Send me a message if you want to know more, but I’ll be writing a post on the whole process very soon, with photos and maybe a video or two as well) and I’m going to put it back on Azzie for her evening walk… *paws crossed* With all the new adjustments, it should be perfect this time and we can get stuck into her recovery! My bionic dog will be on the mend, finally!









We’re making lists (and checking them WAY more than twice!) and researching solar; gathering the goods and bits and bobs that will make our RV life easier and more comfortable.

I’m researching places to boondock, and places to stay with hookups; we’re deciding on what state we will now be “residents” of; researching all the documents required to register vehicles, RVs, and us in this new state; finding a storage space in Oregon; sorting out prescriptions for the dogs, and check-ups before we head out on the road. It’s busy, busy, busy, but oh so exciting!

I’m trying to sort out work that I can do online, on the road, with the reasonably limited (but not as limited as it was a few years back – we’ve really picked a good time to be setting off, as there are many more options available and information at hand for full-time RVers) internet access that we will have.

I have a few things lined up, but who knows what will pan out. If we can get our YouTube channel up and running and out there in the world, we can perhaps earn a little something extra that way – but that takes time, of course. We’re also going to be joining the Amazon Affiliates program, and starting a Patreon account – so if anyone wants to chip in a dollar or two, we’d be most appreciative!


What have we been up to the last couple of months? We’ve said goodbye to some long-time friends, like little Kink.  We’ve caught up with an old friend, Max, and Ellie and Shane. We’ve made a new friend or two as well – little Georgie! Odin gets very excited when he sees her at the dog park – his first girlfriend.  We’ve also gotten to know Alistaire and Tater a little better, with a lovely forest walk and a chill session on a posh hotel’s balcony.




We’ve had some early morning dog park sessions, before it got too hot (thanks, Georgia), and we’ve watched an eclipse!












We’ve gone shooting and I’ve done well – better than I was expecting with such a long break between range days.














We’ve had good days and bad days, but through it all we’ve hung on to this new adventure ahead of us.


crate and car updates

Husband got back to me and let me know that Odin is on his way (he flies out tomorrow afternoon, but he is at the facility now – husband says he is full of happiness and energy and was very excited to get in the car and go for a ride)
He also told me that the crate is ours and gave me the dimensions so I can see if it will even FIT in Helga (the BMW) or not.
I will have to do some measuring tomorrow morning. If not, then it will have to be in Naartjie (my little orange car)
Also – not even sure if Helga will be able to go anyway. I borrowed the jump starter from my neighbour and thought I would do a test run to see how it worked… it’s a good thing I am so paranoid, because Helga’s battery is SO DEAD that the little jumper couldn’t do a thing for her. So my very kind neighbour is now charging up the battery on his special “trickle down” charger. Here’s hoping it works tomorrow! If not, this measuring thing is moot anyway :/
I can take the crate apart, but it might not fit into the boot (or “trunk” as my American friends call it) or fit through the opening in the back door either.


countdown… just 22 hours until we go get him. I’m nervous, but also excited.
It was a bittersweet evening walk with my girls – this is the last walk where it will just be “us” – me and Gigi and Az. As I’ve said before: I am thrilled he is joining us, happy to give him a home like ours (because I know we are a great home for a dog – sounds braggy to say it, but I mean it from a home/heart point of view, not a “we are so totally awesome and perfect” kind of thing) and get him off the streets and let him have a good life with us for the rest of his life.

rain, rain and more rain

Last two days have been cold, very windy and POURING with rain.

Makes walking the dogs a bit of a mission, but they’ve been great about it. Medium length walks in the morning and then short 20 minute walks during the day – just for a piddle, poop and sniff.

Azzie does NOT like rain in her face, so she’s been easy about going back home 🙂

I’m hoping they’re relaxed enough after this morning’s walk to just chill for a bit. I really don’t feel like going out there again any time soon! G didn’t poop on the walk, but she can hold it a while – she’s good about that.

No word from the lady in Ohio about fostering Odin, so it’s pretty much settled that he will be coming here in the next week or so.

I’m nervous, but also excited. I want it all to go “right” – for all their sakes. I love my girls, and I want them to be happy, but I also want to change Odin’s life for the better and I know that being part of our family will be awesome for him. He’s the perfect addition and I really hope it all goes well. Going to dose myself up with rescue remedy, and try and think like Cesar Milan 🙂

I’ll update closer to the time, of course, and give a day by day storyline for the whole shebang. With photos. I’m terrified. I don’t know why. But I am also glad for him, and for us, and for my husband.