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just like sweeties


Broadchurch” – I learned about it while watching the Graham Norton Show (I love that show – he’s a brilliant host and he gets his guests to open up without them even realising it) and I thought I’d give it a peek. From the first few minutes I was hooked. It’s like sweeties. Chocolate. You can’t have just one… I’m on to episode 2 and LOVING it. Gripping, different, twisty, lots of interesting side stories without being overwhelming and that’s just the FIRST EPISODE! Plus it’s English – so the characters are all strong and interesting and not necessarily “pretty” 🙂

It’s filmed really well, too. Almost photographic – lots of “moments”


Interesting people

You never know when you will bump into someone cool and interesting.

Dogs and I were on our usual long morning walk on post and a chance decision (from Azzie) to go down a set of stairs instead of along the road led us to meet an intriguing chap – clearly “that other unit” – he was absolutely delighted to meet the dogs and took Azzie’s crazy head butts and crotch slams in his stride. He said they had a MWD and he was the same – lots of rough love. We chatted about tick control and how he thought it must be very hard for us because my dogs had such thick black coats, we chatted about his dogs back home (two boxers) and how they would go nuts when he eventually (and he said that with a slight sigh) got to go back home for a bit. He patted and hugged (much to Azzie’s delight) the dogs (even Gina allowed him to give her a little squeeze, then she came and sat behind my legs as if to say “that’s all you get, you’re not my daddy”) and he said they were awesome and I thanked him. We continued on our way and he went back to his office.

He had an interesting accent that I struggled to place – American mostly, but almost French sounding, so perhaps from New Orleans, or a former European citizen? I counted at least 3 healed bullet holes on his body – and that was all I could see outside his tshirt and shorts. Such a gentle soul, to be in such a violent career.

I wish him well.