Good Vibes

My whole life I’ve been making “stuff” happen simply by willing it so. 

As a kid, I didn’t really understand what this gift was or how powerful it could be – I simply knew that if I focused on something I needed, or wanted to happen… it usually did. Sometimes, it didn’t happen EXACTLY as I wanted, but it was always pretty close. 

I used my little gift for many things, many times – sometimes selfishly, but, I have to say, more often to help animals and my family and people who I cared for. 

As I got older and hit my teens, I found that – unfortunately – my will was so strong that if I focused on negative things, they ALSO happened. I became very scared of my gift and tried very hard not to use it and I spent many a night fighting with my mind to let go of a thought that I didn’t want to focus on in case it came to fruition. It terrified me sometimes. Thus, around age 16, I became an insomniac and I have remained one right into adulthood, thanks to this focusing issue. I’ve related before how I cannot visualise cutting, separating, or splitting anything – and I think this stems a lot from my fear of focusing on one thought or idea or want or need for too long. 

After my riding accident, however, as I learned how to be a human and had to re-learn all the skills and daily doings that we take for granted (tying my shoelaces, brushing my teeth, driving a car, climbing stairs, or going downstairs, or even writing) I discovered that my focusing gift, my will, was scattered and weak and I struggled to focus on ANYTHING. Mundane tasks were as difficult to accomplish as great dreams and goals were.

I spent YEARS working through this – meditation, animal therapy (dogs, cats, horses, birds, you name it, I walked it, rode it, or cared for it), running, yoga, and Alexander Technique all helped me fine-tune my will once more. I started testing it out on little things, little needs and wants, and slowly… very slowly… I started to see the results I used to get as a child. But this time, without fear, as I started with a firm base of control. 

Nowadays, the only time I have issues with my mind and my focus and not being able to let go of a thought is as I am trying to fall asleep. I don’t think that will ever change, so I’ve learned to deal with it. 

The point of this little story is to say that I am back to it, and I want to share my gift with those who need it. 

I call it my Vibes. 

If you need good vibes for something – specific, or not – send me a message. 

I can explain my process and the many ways I can accomplish things and we can see what will work for you. 

I don’t ask for any money – I simply want to make other people’s lives better if I can. If you choose to donate, awesome, but there’s no pressure from me.

Reach out. I’ll answer.

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