Capsule Wardrobe Update

Here’s a little update on my Capsule Wardrobe experience so far!

  • My capsule wardrobe, it works! It’s made my life a lot easier. I know exactly what I have to wear and I waste no time choosing it in the morning.
  • Even when I include my workout and dog walking clothes, my capsule item count is lower than I thought it would be.
  • If I do my best to keep everything in the same place after it’s washed and folded, my cupboard is so neat and tidy it’s so awesome.
  • I have barely anything to do when it comes to laundry time! I have so few items and I wear them through the week (I have enough capsule items for that) that I only have to do one load on the weekend. That’s pretty cool, and energy efficient.
  • My new outlook on my wardrobe has even encouraged my husband to tidy his side of the cupboard! He hasn’t gotten rid of anything, but his wardrobe is pretty minimal already, being an army man. He has a lot of tshirts, but that’s it really.

I still haven’t taken the boxes to the thrift store – I need to check when I’m allowed to bring in items for consignment. I want to make SOMETHING out of this. Even if it’s just a little bit. 

We took all the extra dog stuff (ended up being a large cardboard box full) to the nearest local animal shelter and they were grateful, but I was expecting a LITTLE bit more excitement, I have to admit. I mean I didn’t want a parade or streamers or anything! But a “Thanks, this will make the dogs happy!” would have been nice. We got a nod, a “yes, that’s nice” when I showed them some of the cool stuff in the box and then they wandered off. I know they’re busy but if you rely on public donations etc… a little bit more… public interaction would work, is what I guess I’m trying to say. ENTHUSIASM. That’s the word I’m looking for. They were grateful, but not particularly enthusiastic. I think that’s what kinda got to me a little bit. HOWEVER, I do understand the sad realities of animal shelters and working there. The sad truth behind the daily grind – finding food, cleaning cages, watching dogs and cats pine for owners who abandoned them, or shut down from years of abuse, or being overlooked because they’re quiet and shy. And the golden oldies being ignored for the cute little puppies or kittens. It gets to your heart after a while. I do understand this. I did a lot of work with shelters, I know what it’s like. So while I understand the jaded numbness, perhaps taking the enthusiasm from the person offering things and feeling a LITTLE brighter about it all, just in that moment.. that might work?  I greatly respect and admire people who volunteer and work for places like that. I know it’s hard. I wish I could win the lottery and give them all a HUGE donation. Or buy a huge farm with a big warm house and lots of land and high fences so I could adopt ALL the animals (goats, chickens, sheep and everything else too) and let them live out their lives in a sanctuary with freedom. It’s a big dream.


In other news:

Blue Apron

We got our first Blue Apron delivery on Saturday morning! We’ve prepared two of the three meals already and tonight we will make the final dish I think. We made the first meal together, and I made the second meal (pasta) for his lunch on Monday. It was definitely outside our comfort zone, but we stuck to the recipe instructions exactly and it all turned out great. If you ever get the chance and/or inclination – give Blue Apron a try… It’s exciting (and a little terrifying!) diving in like that, but the recipes are pretty easy to follow and they give you ALL the ingredients already measured out perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Update”

  1. I’d never heard about capsule wardrobes before hearing you mention it a few weeks ago. I read up a bit and… I’m almost tempted! I have three huge cupboards full of clothes and I suffer from permanent “omg I have nothing to wear” syndrome. I’m not quite there yet, and not ready to chuck stuff, but I like the idea of creating a capsule for the season and changing it after 3 months.

    1. I came to the realisation that I was wearing the same set of clothes day in and day out and my “go to” clothes for special occasions or “not walking the dogs and actually interacting with people” were generally the same as well. I also had lots of clothes, but mine were mostly given to me by wonderfully thoughtful people who were trying to help an “immigrant” who arrived with her life in only 2 suitcases.
      After seeing that I could function with a set of clothes, and finding out that exercise/comfy/sleep clothes were not included in the capsule, I decided that when my clothes finally arrived from Germany (after we moved) I would go through them.
      I was quite surprised at how easy it was to pare down even more once I decided on my personal style and what I actually felt GOOD in and suited me and my body type. I did 4 “purges” and each time was fewer items, but still very satisfying. I did choose a year round capsule, which was easily changed from winter to summer and back.
      I would suggest, as you mentioned you were not ready to toss anything yet, just starting out by setting aside a “seasonal” capsule and packing away the rest in vacuum seal bags or in your attic/basement/spare room. See if you can “get by” with just that wardrobe selection, or if you find yourself going to get extra items.
      When choosing the items find groups of clothes, or outfits that can be changed around by simply changing the top/pants. Work with those as base items and voila, you will soon find you have many options.
      It’s quite fun actually and a bit of a puzzle that’s interesting to solve.
      Good luck! Post photos! If you blog about it, please link me so I can check it out 🙂 I do have your blog on my sidebar, but sometimes I forget to look!

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