Since today is Azzie’s birthday I got her a large marrow bone and of course I can’t not give the others, so they got too (not QUITE as big of course! :D)
I think this was Odin’s first ever marrow bone… he was intrigued and fascinated and not quite sure what to do with it at first, but after a few moments of watching Gina and Azzie get into theirs, he quickly got the idea and was soon gnawing and chewing and licking away happily.
He is so blissed out right, after pretty much getting his clean, that he is asleep on top of his.
I rinsed them all off (Gina brings me hers every now and then to clean off to get rid of any dirt or hair that gets stuck to it) and gave them back… but Gina just licked hers a little bit and then rested her head on the floor next to it, and Odin wrapped a paw around his and is relaxing. Azzie is still busy with hers – she’s actually a very delicate eater, even of bones, despite her normally “crazy” demeanour. I think it’s time for a little walk though – but I don’t want to stop her from chewing hers! She’s having so much fun!

It’s still rather warm out there, so I’ll just wait until they are all ready to go out, rather than make Azzie make that choice.

Happy dogs 🙂