A better one

Just thought I’d update, so nobody worried about the tone of my blog this morning, which upon reading my own post, might have come across a little … panicked? Upset? Well, I’m fine, really. Just frustrated sometimes. But anyway… onward and upward!

We just went for our mid afternoon walk – it was a much better walk. We went down the lower road, so only saw one dog in the distance (and it was too far for Azzie to be interested) and one little dog that we know, and she is very old and gentle. I think that the dog that we encounter is a big component of how Azzie reacts. If the dog is quiet and unresponsive to Azzie’s initial reaction, then Azzie is much calmer and doesn’t really need to go see the dog. She sat quietly – admittedly sharing her attention between my eyes, the treat in my hand, and the little dog and her owner walking by – and didn’t bark, just whined once and then just watched. She didn’t even bark when the owner, who knows me and the girls, greeted me and asked about Odin.
So yeah, I guess it’s the dog she encounters that decides the reaction.
It’s a good thing to know, I think.

It’s a bit warm too, so I think that also adds to Azzie’s calmness.

But also, I had Gina off the lead for most of the walk – it helps me concentrate on keeping Azzie’s lead short, but loose, and Odin’s as well. It works. It goes much better. She’s so good that i don’t really need to worry about her off lead. I do keep an eye on her, for sure, to see if she poops and see that she doesn’t fall too far behind (she tends to fixate on a blade of grass for a few minutes and then looks up and we’re far ahead!) and that she is paying attention to what side of the road we’re walking on… 🙂

I think the rescue remedy helped a bit. I took some a little bit before we left.

I’m still working hard… I’ll never stop. Promise.