time flies…

2 days to go until my Facebook account is deleted.

Tick tick tick

Have I had any second thoughts? Yes, the first five days I definitely had a few “oh I need to send a message to so-and-so”  or “I wonder what such-and-such is doing?”  but the last few days, most certainly not. Not a one. It’s actually pleasantly easy now.


Just wanted to put it out there that letting go of Facebook is hard, but once you do… it’s actually quite easy to carry on your life without it!

You certainly learn who your real friends are.  People who give a sh*t what you are doing and how you are doing and where you are. 🙂

I’ve accomplished quite a lot recently without the need to broadcast it on Facebook (or twitter or anywhere else, actually – not even Google+) and just taken a few photos and enjoyed the moments for _myself_

Lots of things happening in my life, and my husband’s life (And the dogs, of course, because they are our family) and lots of decisions being made and the future looks kinda hopeful now.

Cool, man. Cool.

Stay Frosty.