Been thinking some more about my deadline (Friday) for deactivating my Facebook account (and other sundry peripheral social media accounts) and pondering what would, in fact, be the best option.

Complete deactivation? Or simply a very pared down version – remove all “likes” and peripheral groups that I do not interact with in any way? Check it only once a week, to forward on animal rescue group posters etc?

I know I don’t have a large audience, with this blog, but I know there are some thoughtful and intelligent people who might be able to offer some comments on this matter.  I know of a few people who have bandied about the idea of “quitting” Facebook.

I want to, I really do, but I know I would feel badly that the good work I can do with networking lost/found dogs and dogs looking for loving homes would be stopped. I know of at least 4 cases where my “share” has led to a happy ending for the dogs (and cat) in question.


On a completely different tack – I love the clothes that Lucy Liu wears on “Elementary” – I am pondering a “style change” for myself – I’ve been “this way” (whatever _this_ is) for so many years I don’t even know what I was like, style-wise, before. Of course, the head injury doesn’t help with my recollection of my past. I simply.. CANNOT remember.

I know I borrowed clothes from “friends” – because I could never afford to get my own clothes, and I wore a lot of handmedowns. But other than that – I have no recall of that time.  Probably a blessing in disguise, right? I did, after all, grow up in the eighties.

Thankfully, I know I couldn’t AFFORD to be trendy, so my fashion sins are fewer than my acquaintances.


On another note: IT’s SNOWING!!! FINALLY! Been snowing for hours, but nothing is sticking yet, as it’s still too “warm” for that. Hoping it continues overnight, so we can have a nice blanket in the morning for the dogs to play!

4 thoughts on “meh”

  1. It’s really “fitting” (har har) that you mention closing down your FB account and changing your fashion style in the same post. You say they are on “completely different track[s]” but their major essence is the same: identity. Perhaps you are growing! Myths abound about growth and maturing, especially the myth portraying a single-use concept: one goes through puberty and one doesn’t change much after that. The fact is we all change and grow constantly (hopefully) and can experience personality shifts at any time. Sounds like you are experiencing one now! Congrats! This can be very exciting.

    My suggestion: Deactivate (don’t delete) this FB account. Start an entirely new FB account with another email address and different profile pics. You can still use your name and other identifying details, but the new account will be a clean slate. (Hint: Use Safari for one account and Chrome for another, for example. That way you can auto login without having to remember passwords). Set up the new FB account slowly and exactly how you like it. Tell friends and family it’s OK to be connected with the new account too (if that’s what you want!).

    Clothes: You can make major changes with a low budget by doing thrift stores. Bring a friend to really push you into making choices you didn’t think were “you” but could be. Warning: be careful, you may get the overwhelming urge to cut your hair. Do this only if you are 100% committed to a new you.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the response 🙂
      I’m a very “Restless” person – I need changes constantly, or I get bored and frustrated. So I’ve already cut/dyed/whatevered my hair many times. I recently cut it short (from waist length) and then shaved it into a mohawk and a few months later (when it started getting cold, and I wore a hat all the time when I went out) I shaved it off completely (#4)
      Now I am slowly growing it back.
      As for the FB thing – I decided, in the end, not to close my account (or deactivate it) but to only check it once or twice a week to forward on my rescue organisation posts, etc.
      I’ve “moved over” to GOogle+ and I am now pondering posting “publicly” to see what the “audience” response is like.
      I am also trying to blog more – but that’s (as you know, being part of the “Tribe”) not my strong point 😀
      I’ve been pondering a lot of “style” pages online and checking out what basics I need, to just… freshen up my wardrobe, and give me a “look” that might make me feel less… bland.

      Thanks for the input!

  2. Thumbs up for less social network noise. Hope I still catch you on gtalk some times. 🙂

    I never remember you being much of a dresser back in the day. Jeans and T-shirt, sometimes accompanied by a jersey, and everything except T-shirt loose fitting. And that was perfectly cool!

    1. Thanks – I’m pretty good about not getting involved in the “drama” on social media but there are people on there who I don’t want to lose touch with and they aren’t moving from FB any time soon. Plus, as I mentioned, all my rescue orgs, etc.
      Yeah, I never really had any “style” and I definitely never followed any trends back then, and I still don’t!
      But, I have to admit, I get a little tired of wearing the same things EVERY day, because I am walking dogs. So I’m trying to just… switch it up a little.
      I’m not “girly” – as you might remember – by any means, but I am tired of being “bland” :/
      It’s hard to have any sort of “style” when your day consists of being dragged through mud/snow/rain/etc three or four times a day by the dogs 🙂
      But I’m trying to look beyond “dog time” and have “human time” too. 🙂

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