Today Is A New Day

Everyone has mantras. Things we say to get us through a difficult day.

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day – not all for me, but mostly for my husband – and thus, for me. I feel everything he feels. I honestly do. We’re connected.


So today, when I had a quiet moment to myself, I came up with this one:

Today is a new day – start fresh

Today is life – it’s happening now

Yesterday is gone – you can’t change it

Tomorrow does not exist yet – you can’t worry about it

Go out and Live, damnit.

8 thoughts on “Today Is A New Day”

    1. Thanks Goldie 🙂
      Yeah – it’s pretty awesome to be connected, but sometimes it can be hard.
      But I love him so much it hurts.

  1. I try really hard to avoid feeling others’ pain. It’s impossible for me though sometimes. I find myself saying, “They’ll live. It’s OK.” “It’s not your battle.”

    We all just do our best, ya know?

    1. Yeah – some of us are more sensitive than we would like 🙂
      But I try and use that to help – not always possible – but it makes me a good listener, I suppose!
      Yeah, we all do our best! That’s all you CAN do!

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