Procrastination, my old friend.

It’s amazing how many things you can find to do, to avoid doing something that needs to be done.

I even do laundry, clean the kitchen, and plan out dinner or bake something.

What am I avoiding?

Crepe de Chine.

It’s a magnificent fabric – soft to the touch, smooth and silky. And that’s the problem. It’s slippery and slinky and it HATES needles.

Luckily I ordered extra, just in case – as I have had to re-cut the sleeves. Their shape was completely off when I had finished.

I’ve never had to sew a silk fabric before. This is all a learning curve of massive proportions. I’ve done loads of research on tips and tricks when dealing with silk and other slippery fabrics – another way to put off actually DOING the sewing of it!

I now feel more ready… but of course, we are MOVING tomorrow. Of course. The wonderful military life.

Will take me another couple of days to set myself up again. At least I have a couple of weeks to do this. I want to do it RIGHT, first time around.


I’m such a damn perfectionist that I am driving myself nuts here.


6 thoughts on “Procrastination, my old friend.”

    1. Not too far, no, but off this part of the post and on to another, separate section.
      But a move is a move – still confusing for the dogs and tiring for the humans.

  1. Good luck with the silk! Slippery fabrics are real tricky.

    Also, good luck with the move 🙂 I feel your pain! x

    1. Yeah, I’m too scared to start! Sad. I have to learn somehow, right? And the sooner I start I can at least order more if it goes horribly wrong!
      I’ve read all the tips etc, now I just need to implement them. I might sew it by hand, as that seems to be a the main suggestion from pro seamstresses.

      Thanks. We’ve now “moved” – dogs are settling. Our first night was ok – I of course didn’t sleep much. I never do, the first few nights. Trying to set up a routine with the dogs now. And unpacking. so many boxes.

    1. I will post an update when I get a chance 🙂 I conquered my fear and just said DO IT! And it’s been FAR easier than I thought. Fear is not real. We need to just pretend there is none and do what we need to do.

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