fabricmartfabrics dot com rocks

Just a little update on the whole mood fabrics vs me:

I got no response from them – waited most of the day, checked my spam, checked the site (in case they responded on my account) but nada.

They lose, as I found the most amazing store EVER – Fabric Mart Fabrics!


Not ONLY do they ship to APO, offer payment via PayPal and have huge discounts for account holders – they have a gigantic range of fabrics for anything you need, and they are at exceptionally good prices EVEN when they are not on sale! They ALSO give you a FREE bundle of 6 yards of “mystery” fabrics! 2 Dark, 1 light, 2 yards each. Isn’t that AWESOME?

I am thrilled with them! The suit fabric for the 1940’s suit is all ordered, along with lining and the gorgeous Italian silk crepe de chine for the blouse. So excited!


So thanks, Fabric Mart – I am now a LOYAL customer!



5 thoughts on “fabricmartfabrics dot com rocks”

    1. Yes, my question too! However, this particular store probably doesn’t care as they were made famous many years ago by the tv series Project Runway, and have been coining it ever since! They have no need to make any “special” arrangements for unusual cases.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I am pretty chuffed about finding this awesome website!

      Dude! You are in Japan! They are like the BEST PLACE EVER to get steampunk related stuff! I also have a few sites I can link you to, if you like?

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