So Many Exceptions

Something I noticed a great many years ago, is there are always exceptions to a rule.In languages, English is the worst when it comes to the exception. Most other languages are very straight forward and the rules apply 99% of the time. Not English, however. sometimes you wonder why they MADE a rule when most words falling under the supposed rule are exceptions!One place that the rule always applies and, as far as I am aware (of course I’ve not ventured into quantum mathematics or anything on that level!) there are no exceptions. †I think that’s what makes mathematics such a “universal” language.In life, there are also exceptions – observations, biology, weather, geography and another place I’ve discovered exceptions is the military life.There are always people who feel they are entitled to something simply because they fall under some sort of “exception” rule – mere technicalities, but people take these things very seriously.Learning to handle these people, these “above the rest of us” types, has been an experience that has taught (and keeps teaching!) me patience and given me a solid sense of humour when it comes to these things.I am not someone who holds myself above anyone else – I am me, and I am unique. I don’t lump myself in with any specific group, as my opinions can change in a heartbeat (I’m a Libra!) and I like to look at things from all perspectives.

This doesn’t mean that I just give in – I can†see†all the other sides of the argument… but it doesn’t mean that I†agree†with them! As I have tried to explain to my husband on occasion, I am not someone who likes to be “boxed” or “labeled” because when I make a decision or say something or do something that is the “exception” to the rule that falls under the label or box I’ve been put in, people seem surprised. I don’t like cages or limitations. The tiger that prowls my back has many meanings – one of them is my fierce independence and I suppose you would say “wild” nature. Don’t think you can know me just from a few meetings or an observation: I am far more than I show on the outside.Revel in your exceptions! I certainly do!