The Vees Big Adventure

The Vees Big Adventure

So, it’s a Friday in August 2017, and we just put down the deposit on our RV…

We’ve been researching and dreaming and discussing and deciding for months and months now.

We’ve looked at hundreds of RVs, in various places, and we eventually fell in love with a ’97 Itasca Suncruiser and a ’97 Winnebago Brave.

When everything was fixed and sorted out, the price between the two was only about $500 difference, but we had a long discussion about it – pros and cons of both were heavily investigated – and we decided to go with the beautiful old Winnebago Brave. She has no slide, and she’s shorter than the Itasca, but the pros of this are that there’s less to worry about in terms of things breaking, AND we get to park in places that the much longer Itasca couldn’t. So it’s an excellent compromise for space we lose without a slide and that extra length.

And now our Big Adventure begins!

We’re downsizing, sorting through our belongings, selling the things we can’t take with us (and the things we don’t want to store – for now) and simplifying our lives.

Our three big dogs – Gina, Azzie and Odin – are going to have the WHOLE COUNTRY as their backyard, after years of apartment and yard-less living. We’re going to see places and things that not many do, and we’re going to document it all!

Join us on our journey! Learn with us! See things through our eyes and the eyes of our explorer dogs!

This is The Vees Big Adventure!

We’re in the process of setting up our YouTube channel – link to come when it’s ready!

For now, if you want to be part of our adventure, have a look here and see what you think…