The Vees Big Adventure

UPDATE: Sunday 15th April 2018.

We’ve been on the road since October 2017 and seen vast swathes of the country in our travels from Georgia to New Mexico and up to Oregon.

We took our time getting up to Oregon, and avoided the busy roads and – as best we could – the taller mountains.

We did encounter some snow, but my husband’s deft driving kept us safe and secure, and Ghost (our Jeep) remained hitched and happy behind Irma (the RV) at all times.

We learned many things about living in an RV, travelling with big dogs, and trying to work out how to boondock safely.

Our dogs have become seasoned travellers, with a few anxiety issues thrown in along the way. We’ve found solutions and we’ve worked around problems with the dogs, our RV, our Jeep and generally living in such close quarters 24/7.

We stayed in Oregon for a few months and waited with baited breath for some snow – it was about as snowy as Georgia. Mostly, it just rained and rained and rained and rained – also, like Georgia.

I got a hands-on factory job in Oregon and I learned quickly and became quite admired for my hard work and speedy acquisition of skills. Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to the factory ladies and gents as we had to travel back down to New Mexico for my husband’s military training. It was both difficult to say goodbye, and also a little bit freeing to no longer be chained to a timetable that wasn’t of my making.

Off we went down another route back to New Mexico. We drove through Oregon, California (and wow, Northern Cali is beautiful!), Arizona and into New Mexico, staying at various RV parks along the way. It was actually pretty good to be back on the road again. This time I could actually contribute financially, thanks to the money I had earned at the factory and that felt great as well.

The day we arrived in Las Cruces we went straight to Calichi’s to get our beloved desserts, and the dogs their “poochie cones” – we were all addicts. That stuff is like crack, man. You just can’t NOT have it if you’re nearby.

The staff thought it was pretty funny, us pulling up in our RV with the Jeep in tow and leaping out and the first thing we asked for was 6 poochie cones for the dogs!

So, we’ve been here a couple of months now – some with my husband here, working on the Jeep, and for the last few weeks just me while my husband was in training in Arizona – and we’ve been having a good long think about Irma and the Big Adventure.

We’re definitely hanging on to Irma for now, as we are going back up to Oregon in a few weeks time, after passing through Arizona for a few more weeks, and we’ll stay in beautiful, mild Oregon for summer and early Autumn because New Mexico is a killer in the summer and we’re not quite prepared for that yet.

After that… when we come back down to NM? We’re still discussing and dreaming and debating and thinking on that.

I never got the YouTube channel going, as neither my husband nor I could figure out what kind of content two major introverts could comfortably make that would still be interesting to viewers.

We’re private people, in all honesty, and while we wanted to share our adventure, we also wanted to keep our lives to ourselves! A quandary, really.

I would love to get my photography out there, though, as I’ve had such amazing opportunities to take photos of the most beautiful places and I think that might go down well.

I’d like to adventure more here in NM as well, but it’s so bloody hot and there are thorns and snakes and scorpions everywhere and it’s a bit like Australia in that everything is trying to kill you… 🙂

I’m kidding 🙂 It’s not that bad – but it is hot and everywhere we go there are snake/scorpion warnings and we have now bought boots for our dogs because of all the thorns!

So, for now, The Vees Big Adventure is treading water, but we’ll be back on the road very soon so watch this space!






So, it’s a Friday in August 2017, and we just put down the deposit on our RV…

We’ve been researching and dreaming and discussing and deciding for months and months now.

We’ve looked at hundreds of RVs, in various places, and we eventually fell in love with a ’97 Itasca Suncruiser and a ’97 Winnebago Brave.

When everything was fixed and sorted out, the price between the two was only about $500 difference, but we had a long discussion about it – pros and cons of both were heavily investigated – and we decided to go with the beautiful old Winnebago Brave. She has no slide, and she’s shorter than the Itasca, but the pros of this are that there’s less to worry about in terms of things breaking, AND we get to park in places that the much longer Itasca couldn’t. So it’s an excellent compromise for space we lose without a slide and that extra length.

And now our Big Adventure begins!

We’re downsizing, sorting through our belongings, selling the things we can’t take with us (and the things we don’t want to store – for now) and simplifying our lives.

Our three big dogs – Gina, Azzie and Odin – are going to have the WHOLE COUNTRY as their backyard, after years of apartment and yard-less living. We’re going to see places and things that not many do, and we’re going to document it all!

Join us on our journey! Learn with us! See things through our eyes and the eyes of our explorer dogs!

This is The Vees Big Adventure!

We’re in the process of setting up our YouTube channel – link to come when it’s ready!