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Reflection and listening

Ok. I am not someone who is too proud to admit that I was not wrong but perhaps too hasty in my reactions.

So, I won’t apologise for my disappointment, but I will apologise for my soap box rant about it. I’m allowed my opinion, and so are you.

Upon reflection, and listening to arguments and comments from ALL sides of this whole discussion – I am starting to understand why this happened. I still don’t LIKE the outcome, and I am still very disappointed… but I am really starting to see the reasons and reasoning for what has happened.

I’m still anxious about things in the future – environmental issues especially, because there is no denying that the progress made is definitely going to be threatened under this new rule – but I am going to try and open my mind a bit more to understand the sad steps and PC bullshit that has led this country to this point.

There’s no right side in this, both sides are to blame for this.

Let’s move on.