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Day Eight and Azzie’s birthday!

It’s rather warm out there, so decided not to walk today but take the dogs to the small dog park (way cleaner and less chance of them picking up icky bugs)
Was pretty good fun – Azzie and Odin played and Gina joined in occasionally. She’s a bit sore though so she took it easy.
I worked on Azzie’s “i must bark at everyone that goes by” issue and it worked out quite well. She listens, I have to say. When she understands what i want, she behaves.
Odin had a blast – he even enjoyed the vet visit! Just took him in to register him, and make an appointment for his booster shots etc. Was also going to buy anti-tick stuff, and another diffuser… but I brought the wrong card! *sigh*
On the way home I RAN (and I mean RAN) into the Edeka to get them marrow bones because TODAY IS AZZIE’S 3rd Birthday!! 🙂 I hate leaving my dogs in the car – especially when it’s warm.
Didn’t take any photos, but we had a lovely play!

I think later I will take them down to the Secret Pond for a splash, as it’s definitely the weather for it, and I know Azzie loves to swim too! I’ll don my sandals and put Gina’s float vest on!