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While my husband was away on mission, he befriended and fell in love with a young stray dog who was living on the base where he was, and my husband named him Odin. Well, actually, Odin’s original name was “Miley” – despite him being a boy and not nearly as extroverted as the lady he was named for.
My husband took care of him as best he could, with the rules on the base being very strict about interaction with strays, and eventually it got to a dangerous point as my husband attempted to get care for Odin’s broken leg (he was most likely hit by a car and left for dead) and try and get his weight up enough for him to have surgery on his leg and also to get him snipped. My husband had by this point decided to adopt Odin and send him home to me, before he returned himself.
My husband then made the decision to keep Odin off the post in kennels until his surgery, and then at the vet kennels while he recovered. It was expensive, but the changes in Odin’s life were too important to my husband (and me, far away but kept updated often) to give up at the first hurdle.
Initially, Odin was going to be fostered somewhere in the States until we returned there later this year (we’re PCS’ing at some point this year – new orders) but things kept falling through, so it was decided to send him home to me.
So one week ago, on Tuesday evening 7th April 2015, Odin arrived in Frankfurt and I drove (with my wonderfully calm friend Ciara who helped me SO MUCH with all of it) for two hours there, waited around for another hour and a bit, and then drove another two hours home, with Odin in the back of my little orange car.

He is settling in beautifully – my girls are being awesome – and he has been house trained in just 3 nights. He listens, he learns and he LOVES Azzie and Gina. It’s intricate and tricky walking them all together, but worth it. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my dogs and about training – a lot of that was thanks to my dear friend Nicole, who has given me lots of tips and tricks to make this all as smooth as possible.

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I hope that Odin will be with us for many many years and that his incredibly hard life as a stray soon fades completely from his memory. He is having a blast so far doing all the things a dog should be doing 🙂

He is scrawny and still has quite a bad limp sometimes (back leg) but he is already 5kg heavier than he was when my husband first took him to the vet to be checked out. He has gained 3kg since being here with us!


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