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Category: relationships

just saying

My dogs are awesome. The dynamic we have is awesome. Yes, we butt heads (especially Azzie and I) but it’s getting much better, after my conversation with my friend Nicole (dog behaviourist) about how I’m not going to change Azzie, just have to learn to work with her in a way that works for all […]

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fear phases

All dogs go through what’s called “fear phases” – where one day they’re fine with something, but the next day the same thing could cause them to be incredibly upset and scared. Unfortunately, Azzie was going through one of those when the fighter jets started their dog fights over the town. Too loud, too low […]

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Early morning walks

I might as well start getting used to getting up early to walk the dogs, as it seems the weather is starting to slowly change and we’re heading into spring. The girls and I headed off for a lovely morning walk with our friend Ciara and her pooches, Django and Luca. We did a kind […]

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another long walk

Dogs and I decided to head out in a new direction this afternoon, thinking of exploring some areas we’ve not been yet. So we headed down into the industrial area, and out the back of  it onto the grass/forested area there. The path I’d found on google maps was covered in downed trees and was […]

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So this morning Azzie was sick as well. It came on suddenly and I had no idea why it happened. So initially I was just going to get some more sucralfate but after their dose this morning proved no help at all to either of them, I called the vet to see if they had […]

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Jetlag, notions, exciting times ahead

I have to say I am so incredibly excited about what’s to come in my business life… Just before we left on our holiday, a wonderful lady got in touch with me via my Etsy shop saying that she had found my shop and was very keen to strike up a mutually beneficial relationship: seamstress […]

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