Bygones Vintage Inspired Apparel

Finally, the day has arrived!! Cast your eyes on what I can offer you here!

Are you also a sucker for the darling 30’s? Swooning for the 40’s? Lusting for the 50’s?

Well I am a long time fan of these decades of delight and my plan is to spread the love out into the wonderful world, via the Internet, one beautifully tailored garment at a time!

Each garment is made to measure – yes, there will be a lot of measurements, but it will all be worth it when you slip that beautiful item on and know that you have one of a kind, made JUST for you!

I’m not limited to just these eras, but this is where my passion lies – feel free to throw some ideas my way, and we can work something out.

Eventually, I will also be making “costume” clothing – anything from Spiderman to a man’s suit from the 1700’s!




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