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On the 24th of November 2012, we once again reached out to help a furry Berner child in need. This time, she was a young pup – 7 months old – who’s new “family” had fallen through, and she was stuck in a tiny town, with nowhere to go as her foster family were leaving the country on the Monday!

I was initially just going to offer us as another foster, while her breeder looked for another family, but my husband said he wanted her.

So I spoke to the breeder and she said, since we were going out of our way (an hour long drive there and another back, to go rescue her) she would waive her cost (and she’s from an excellent pedigree line – champions all of them) if we would take her on as our own.

So that Saturday (after sorting it all out on the Friday night…) we drove through to Wittlich, and picked up little Azzie. Her full name is Azarenka Victoria but we chose “Azzie” as her every day name. Now, after having her with us for 2 weeks (exactly, today, as I write this) I have also nicknamed her “The Spaz” as she’s a little bit nuts, clumsy and full of nonsense!

Her breeder said she was THE most stubborn puppy of the entire litter of 11… we’ve come head to head many times, Azzie and I, but we’ve finally (hopefully!) worked out a compromise with her that seems to suit us all.

Gina loves having someone to play with at any time, and is such a gentle soul she has easily taken to sharing her toys (and now, our bed!!) with little Azzie.

She is 2 days away (as I write this) from her 8 month of life and her paws are bigger than a Great Dane’s! She has long, loping legs and a tiny head! All stubbornness and none of G’s charm and gentleness yet ๐Ÿ™‚ But she’s very young, and Berners mature late, so we can see her personality slowly emerging. She’s not mean, she’s just naughty and I think all the months of being a “foster” and never truly part of a family has made her a very wary dog who demands love, rather than waits for it to come.

Last night we had a little breakthrough, however, and made sure she felt part of our family – it seemed to settle her very nicely… but it’s early days yet and we will keep working with her!

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